Work work.

Hi long time no see…

I’m at work just fiddling around with wordpress and other related stuff.

Back in January I started working at Eniro 118 118 here in Norrk√∂ping and I must say it’s quite fun for a telephone job. Right now i’m working night shift from 19:30 to 02:30 and almost no one calls after 23 so it’s chill.

I have also bought a new computer a couple weeks ago. I felt that my old one was getting a bit too old haha :). After all I bought it in 2009. So I ordered these parts: An i5 6500, z170 gigabyte K3 motherboard, 16 GB DDR4 ram and a new chassie!

Every thing runs a bit smoother now and i get 300-400 FPS in CS:GO with my brothers old graphics card an R9 270x. Maybe I’ll buy a new gpu and an 144Hz monitor in a couple months :).

Well that was all I had to say. Good Night and see you some other day!