Work work.

Hi long time no see…

I’m at work just fiddling around with wordpress and other related stuff.

Back in January I started working at Eniro 118 118 here in Norrköping and I must say it’s quite fun for a telephone job. Right now i’m working night shift from 19:30 to 02:30 and almost no one calls after 23 so it’s chill.

I have also bought a new computer a couple weeks ago. I felt that my old one was getting a bit too old haha :). After all I bought it in 2009. So I ordered these parts: An i5 6500, z170 gigabyte K3 motherboard, 16 GB DDR4 ram and a new chassie!

Every thing runs a bit smoother now and i get 300-400 FPS in CS:GO with my brothers old graphics card an R9 270x. Maybe I’ll buy a new gpu and an 144Hz monitor in a couple months :).

Well that was all I had to say. Good Night and see you some other day!

Nice thunderstorms.

Wihu, when i slept at around 10am my mother calls me and tells me to disconnect all electronics. But it was a bit to late. When i got to my Linksys PLEK500 it was already dead :(. It smelled very much like burned electronics. So now i’m back to using my Netgear WN3000RP, hopefully it won’t disconnect as much as before.

Wihu, Internet is back.. (for now)

It’s the best feeling in the world when you connection is down without reason.

I got a Netgear WN3000RP last summer to extend our wifi, it worked OK last summer just minor problems. Now this summer it decides to randomly die and drop connection with the Thomson router all the time. I have no idea what made it work this time, maybe that i changed the wifi channel to 7 instead of 11, But if that’s the case that would be wierd…

Anyhow, Happy midsummer and good evening. pc out